Hudson Sculpture - Publick Sculpture
Public Sculpture
Jon Barlow Hudson RBSIA, ISC | | 937-767-7766

Stone Sculpture - raising limestoneSculptures in a variety of stone types installed around the world.

Each block of stone is unique, by virtue of its shape, color, texture, weight, inherent crystal structure and light refraction. Each type of stone responds differently to the various ways of working with it: hand or pneumatic carving, texturing, diamond saw cutting, drilling, degree and type of polishing, juxtaposition with other types of stone or materials, location and type of installation.

Given the richness of the possibilities, I prefer working with stone. I especially like working with it on a Large-Scale Sculpture because of the intensified relationship to nature that results from the impressive physical experience of large blocks of stone, as seen in my CLOUD HANDS, for example.

At a very young age I visited places such as Baalbek, Machu Pichu, Petra, the Coliseum and Stonehenge, among others, and I believe this experience inspired me to want to work with stone. My father being a geologist was of influence as well.

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