Hudson Sculpture - Publick Sculpture
Public Sculpture
Jon Barlow Hudson RBSIA, ISC | | 937-767-7766
Hudson Sculpture - Selected Exhibitions

Springfield Art Museum, Springfield, OH : Members Annual Exhibit, 5-6/15
Verum Ultimum Glry., Portlanad, OR, Sacred Spaces, group, 11-12/15
3rd Annual Juried Intl. Exhibit Contemp. Islamic Art, Luminart Gallery, Dallas, TX. Group 9-10/14
Yellow Springs, OH, Arts Council, 1 person, 10/13
China-US Sculpture Exhibit, Guangdong Museum, Guangzhou, China. Group 3-7/13
Sculpture Dominion, Sculpture Exhibit, San Antonio, TX. Group 2008, 2010, 2014
22 Yuanjie Art Zone, Today Gallery, Beijing, China. Group. 1-3/14
Height, Width, Depth, Rosewood Art Center, Kettering, OH, group, 1-2/11
Nude 2010, Lexington Art League, Lexington, KY, group, 1-3/2010
Dublin Arts Council Gallery, Columbus, OH: DVAC/Inside Out, group, 5-6/10
Made in USA, Raleigh, NC, group, X.09
3rd China Intl. Cultural & Creative Ind. Expo, Beijing, China: group 3-5/09
Almanac Sculpture Exhibit, Beijing, China: group, 4-5/09
Hualaien Cultural Center, Hualien, Taiwan: group, summer/09
Miyazaki Airport Exhibit, Japan: group, 6/08
1st Shanghai Intl. Steel Sculpture Festival, Booshan Dist., Shanghai, P.R.China: 11-12/07
Common Ground Exhibit, Westchester Comm.College Arts Gallery, Valhalla, NY: 9-11/07
Online Visual Artist Registry Juried Art Show, Columbus Library, OH: 9-11/07
10th Kajima Sculpture Competition, Kajima KI Bldg., Tokyo, Japan: 3/07
Kajima Competition, Asto Hall, Osaka, Japan: 4-5/07
Sculptors Dominion Annual Sculpture Exhibit, San AntonioTX; group, 4-5/07
Beijing Olympics Sculpture Competition Exhibits, Beijing, China: group, 2006-7
Sculpture Research Inst., 1st Intl. Sculpture Exhibit, ZhengZhou, Henan, China: group, 4-5/06
Gallerie Peter Schuijren, St. Geertruid, Netherlands: Small Monuments, group, 4-5/-6
Art Museum, Sculpture Maquettes Exhibit, Taizhou, Zehjiang, China; group, 10/05-10/06
Galerie Petra Jager, Hamburg, Germany:group, 12/05-3/06
Atlantic Works Gallery, E.Boston, MA; The Nude, group, 11/05
Art Museum, Taizhou City, Zhejieng, China: Intl. Sculpture Maquettes, group, 10/05-10/06
Galerie Exelmans, Neeroeteren, Belgium; group, 10-12/05
Gallery Donkersvoort, Beek & Donk, the Netherlands; group, 9-10/05
Stone Sculpture Museum, Hualien, Taiwan; group, 1-5/05
Minerva Gallery, Ashville, NC; 2 person, 9-10/04
Verley Art Gallery, Toronto, Canada: Maquette Exhibit, group, 4/04
Toronto City Hall, Canada: Maquette Exhibit, group, 6/04
Intl. Exibit of Contemporary Sculpture, Miyazaki Airport, Japan: group, 6/04
Museo Regional del Inst. Nac. De Historia, Tlaxcala, Mexico, group, 6-7/03
Universidad Autonomode, Ciudad de Puebla, Mexico, group 5-6/03
Festival Ciudad en San Luis Potosi, Mexico, Exposiciones de XII Simposio, group 3-4/03
Columbus Cultural Arts Center, Columbus, OH, Hat Celebration, 4-5/03
Guilin Yuzi Paradise Intl. Sculpture Awards Exhibit, Guangxi, P.R. China, group, 3-9/03
West Bend Art Museum, West Bend WI, "Midwest Maquette" group, 2001
Dayton Art Institute Regional Artist Gallery, Dayton, OH: 3-6/01, one person
Religious Sculpture 2000, Catholic Univ. of A., Washington, DC: nat. group 4/00
Springfield Art Museum, Springfield, OH: "Ts'ung Tube Stones", 1 person, 5-6/00
Copper Village Art Center, Anaconda, MT, "MT Artists Refuge Retrospective.", group,
Custer Co. Art Center, Miles City, MT, "MT Artists Refuge Retrospective.", group, 10-11/99
Staufenburg Klinik, Durbach, Germany, Group Sculpture Exhibit, 6/99
Pier Walk 98, Navy Pier, Chicago, IL; group outdoor sculpture exhibit, summer/98
Dayton Visual Arts Center, Dayton, OH: "Ts'ung Tube Stones", 1 person, 4/98
Herndon Gallery, Antioch, Yellow Springs, OH: "Cowboys & Hatters", 3 person, 12/1/96
Springfield Art Assoc., Springfield, IL: Sacred Arts Exhibit, group, 5-6/96
Foothills Art Center, Golden, CO, "North American Sculpture Exhibit", 4-6/96
Artspace Lima, Lima, OH: three sculptors exhibit, 3-4/96
National Sculpture Society, Americas Tower, NY, NY, "Westward Ho!", group:1-5/95
University of Dayton Rike Gallery, Dayton, OH, "4 Sculptors-4 Approaches"; 9-11/94
Troy/Hayner Culture Center, Troy, OH, "Steel Sculpture", group; 7-9/94
Gremillion & Co., Houston, TX, Furniture Exhibit Gallery Artists; 5-7/94
Philip Bareiss Contemporary Art, Taos, NM, "Small-Scale Sculptures", group; 2-4/94
Dayton Visual Arts Center, Dayton, OH, "Face It", group; 12/93-1/94
Janus Avivson Gallery, London, UK, Gallery Artists; 92-94
Foti Art Gallery, Kitchner, Ont., Canada, Gallery Artists; 92-94
Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Meubeuge, France, "Urban Art Contest", group; 7-9/92
Sho-en Sculpture Center, Ramona, CA, Gallery Sculptors; 92-94
Wright State University Kettering Center, Dayton, OH, one person; 4-6/92
Gardens of Art, Bellingham, WA, "Outdoor Sculpture" gallery artists; 10/91-6/92
Dawson Gallery/Monroe County, Rochester,NY, "Sculpture 91 Invitational"; 6-10-91
Gallery 10, Washington, DC, one person; 10/90
Amnesty International, Washington, DC; 5-9/90
Illinois Center, Nina Owen Ltd., Chicago, IL, "Exterior Sculpture", group; 5-9-90
International Art & Galleries, Grand Rapids, MI, "Outdoor Sculpture Invitational"; 89 & 90
Don Malton Gallery, Cincinnati, OH, two person; 10/90
Construct Gallery, Phoenix, AZ, one person; 12/89-1/90
Amos Eno Gallery, NY, NY, "Small Works", national group; 7/89
Bridge Gallery, San Francisco, CA, two person; 4-5/81
Galerie Regio, Freiburg/March Hugstetten, Germany, one person; 12/79 & 9/80
Galerie Foerster, Munster, Germany, one person; 9/79
Galerie Apostroph, Stuttgart, Germany, one person 8/79