Hudson Sculpture - Publick Sculpture
Public Sculpture
Jon Barlow Hudson RBSIA, ISC | | 937-767-7766

Large-scale sculptures installed around the world.

These sculptures came into being in a variety of ways. Some are commissions, such as the two major works for World Expo 1988 in Brisbane, Australia: PARADIGM and MORNING STAR. Others were created at sculpture symposia, which are listed on the specified page.

CONTINUUM/TRANSFORMATION was created during a cultural exchange with the Partners of the Americas Program between Yellow Springs, Ohio, and Santo Antonio da Platina in Parana, Brazil. I love making sculpture in different countries and environments, even though the challenges may be greater, given differences in working techniques, resources, materials, language, customs and the like.


VORTEX VI Sculpture VORTEX VI Sculpture VORTEX VI Sculpture LONGA FAOI SHEOL - ships under sail -  Ireland Sculpture Multinational Sculpture - Paradigm Multinational Sculpture - Paradigm Shift Multinational Sculpture - MORNING STAR Multinational Sculpture - EIDOLA
Multinational Sculpture - RAVEN  Multinational Sculpture - PORTAL  Multinational Sculpture - CONTINUUM / TRANSFORMATION Multinational Sculpture - SANCTUARY Multinational Sculpture - VORTEX VIII + IX Multinational Sculpture - SYNCHRONICITY VI: LOVE SEAT Multinational Sculpture - LOVE SEAT Multinational Sculpture - FIRE LOVE SEAT IN THE HOLE!
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